We are SAS!

2,270 Street Apes living by their own rules, moving up the social ladder using only one thing. Can you guess it?
  • Stealth Launch
  • First 500 will be FREE to mint
  • Mint price: 0.05 ETH
  • OGs will have priority minting benefits
  • 5 Legendaries (1of1s)
to be continued...


Chapter 1

Our goal is to create an exclusive community through our social channels & connections in the NFT space and make our stealth launch a massive success.

We aim to attract high quality individuals who value our unique artwork and vision. ✅

Chapter 2

After our launch, we will be expanding our marketing outreach and initiate plans to help educate our members on the NFT space and many other useful skills.

Here at Street Ape Society we aim to foster an exclusive community of like-minded individuals that want to be part of our society.
  • - Creation of SAS Academy ran by NFT Veterans and Experts ✅
  • - Introduction of Twitter Raids where tweets for the community to raid will be posted regularly ✅
  • - Announcement and release of "Introduction to the SAS Lore" ✅
  • - Organic growth of Mods and Team from within our community ✅
  • - Begin creating the comic book / manga to further develop the Street Ape Society lore and universe, which will be airdropped to our holders as an NFT ✅
  • - Announce many lore related activities, community roles, and contests✅
  • - Launch Special Giveaways for 1of1 Legendaries ✅
  • - Official Launch of SAS Lore Campaign ✅

Chapter 3

Besides having a cool and unique piece of collectible, we want to provide long term value and utility to our holders. With our initial Streetmap we aim to:
  • - Begin developing limited edition merchandise, based on the SAS collection vibes and lore.
  • - Improve Social Media posting, promoting and engagement ✅
  • - Purchase land in the Metaverse to start SAS integration and creation of New Saru City ✅
  • - Release SAS comic book to holders ✅
  • - Begin brainstorming Streetmap 2.0 ✅
True degens

Our Team

Project management is my expertise. I manage operations and get things done. Just ask me what you need and I'll get it for you, fast.
From nothing to something, one of the most dedicated and passionate core members that has risen through ranks. TajxStreet, full time Degen and full time Street Ape.
I've never really considered myself an "artist", but always aspired to become one. I love to watch anime series and read manga, I draw my inspiration from these mediums. Did a lot of freelancing work in the past, but now it's time to build something of my own.
I joined SAS as an early member and fell in love with the art, community and general vibes. After the initial minting phase, SAS took me on as part of their growth plans and as a bridge to the community. I've been in crypto for 4 years and focused on NFTs for over 1 year now. Full time degen and now full time advisor for the SAS team.
Answers to

Frequently asked questions

What is the launch date?
Stealth Launch in a few days. There will be hints and announcements as we get closer to the launch. OGs will have priority minting benefits and will know ahead of time when we're about to launch.
How much will each NFT cost?
First 500 SAS NFTs will be free to mint. (one per wallet)
Then 0.05 ETH (a maximum of 20 per wallet).
How do I get the OG role?
Our early supporters will have a chance to be rewarded with the @Street OG role. Our team will carefully handpick the members that will have meaningful contributions and are active in our community.
Is there a whitelist?
We won't have WL since it going be a stealth launch.
What rights does each NFT hold?
Holders will have full ownership and commercial usage rights over their NFT.

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